True Love



Did you take a chance with love, and once again it broke your heart?

You really want to love again, but too afraid to start.

You can search the deepest ocean or look beyond the stars above.

But I’ve discovered a different way that guarantees you love.

The kind of love you’re looking for is really very near.

It always was and always is…no farther than a prayer.

Give your heart to Jesus….put your trust in Him.

He heals the brokenhearted so they can love again.

He picks up broken pieces of lives along the way;

And binds them up and heals them up…do you need His help today?

And when you’re feeling lonely like the times you did before;

He gives you peace you never had and makes you love Him more.

I just thought I needed to tell you about how much He loves you so.

The choice is really up to you, but I wanted you to know.

So now if you reject Him like many people do,

It must be you don’t love Him as much as He loves you.

Timothy J. Wright

3/30/2016     (C)

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