So how many sins did he forgive? do you count them one by one 

 Do you sort them out from big to small…don’t you know He takes them all.

 Remember you are in a race, my friend.  You won’t go anywhere carrying them.

If you’re not saved by grace alone, then you’re not saved at all.

 Relax…it’s Him that does the work…you just took the call.

 Every sin you’ve ever done and all the sins that lie ahead

 If you’re going to try to run this race, you need to give to Him.

 When you see how much He cares for you and how He loves you so

 You will learn to run from sin…as fast as you can go.

 It’s His mercy and His truth that sets you free from sin.

 Sin won’t even have a chance when you make friends with them.

So forget about your old life…a new life you must choose.

 When you’ve been chosen by God Himself, there’s nothing you will lose.

 This is how you overcome and learn to walk with Him.

 Once you know the Father’s love, His kindness takes you in.

 Then sin will lose its grip on you and death will flee away.

 Come on, what are you waiting for if you’re not saved today?

 All good things come from above in case you didn’t know.

 The best things God has saved for last…for those who love Him so.

Timothy Wright

1/25/16       (C)  


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