There is none like you, oh Lord…no, there is none that compares to Thee

Who but You makes mountains tremble and at your rebuke can calm the seas?

Search the Heavens and you’ll discover, there’s only One upon the throne.

 Beside Him there could be no other….He is God and God alone.

 He sent redemption unto his people and revealed his grace forever more.

 He has a name above all others…He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

 All creation tells His glory…oh that we would do the same.

 Praise Him…Praise Him…He is worthy.  Lord of Lords and King of Kings.

 We know the Heavens cannot contain Him, but where His glory fills the throne,

 Those who trusted Him to save them, this is the place they’ll call their home.

 Oh worship Him all you His people, for He is worthy of all our praise.

 No other name is found in Heaven whereby we can now be saved.

 Those who love Him will see His glory when He sits upon the throne.

 All creation will bow before Him for He is God and God alone.

 Praise Him now for all He does and all He says He’s going to do. We worship Him who reigns forever surrendering our hearts to You.

Timothy J. Wright

9/30/2015     (C)



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