Are you growing with Jesus every day? Are you learning to trust Him along life’s way?

Did you know faith, hope and love remain; but if you don’t have love, your faith is in vain.

Now this is love…it is patient and kind.

It can’t be bought…it can’t be sold; you learn it in hard times.

It’s easy to love those who love you; that’s like loving ice cream and chocolate, too.

Real love can endure much pain; and when life gets hard, real love remains.

So don’t think love is easy to do; it’s the greatest of all, but it will really cost you.

Love can suffer and endure much pain. Real love is tested again and again.

You might have big faith and with your hope you stand tall;

But if you miss love, you miss the greatest of all.

Love is tried in the fire…God will test you, my friend.

The flames will get hotter when God’s burning off sin.

Your love will grow stronger with every test you go through,

when you yield to the One who’s working in you.

The problem today is people don’t understand love.

If you’re learning from Hollywood; that’s not love from above.

Love will hardly notice when others treat you wrong.

It is quick to say, “I’m sorry…we need to just move on.”

Love is the greatest because it’s the hardest one to do.

Jesus went to the cross…and said, “I love you.”

Timothy J. Wright
4/10/2015     (C)


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