You have taught me Lord to fear your name

Life’s trials and consequences have brought much pain.

I’ve been to the woodshed again and again

Your ways are better…I have learned firsthand.

Our hearts are only content if we are following You

We deceive ourselves if we think it’s not true.

Sometimes we believe that we know right from wrong.

The real truth is we are weak and not strong.

But our God is faithful…He is loving and kind.

He says, “When I correct you, it’s because you are mine.”

His Word is hard I will not say

There’s joy in this journey when we follow His way.

Your path on earth will bind us and when death knocks on our door

His love will surely find us and we will suffer no more.

Until that day, He’ll keep us…He cannot deny His name.

If we cling to the cross of Jesus, our suffering’s not in vain.

So if the woodshed’s what it takes to make our hearts be true

We will gladly take a beating if it brings us back to you.

Timothy J. Wright
2/21/2016      (C)

3 thoughts on “I’VE BEEN TO THE WOODSHED”

  1. Great way to express it Tim! I’m glad you were inspired by my “woodshed” expression. 🙂 My dad never took me to one but my heavenly dad sure did in a gentle way. ~Joey

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