So what’s your purpose in life… your goals and your dreams?

Is God in your thoughts or is your mind filled with things?

Is your to-do list so long that for God there’s no time?

Are the toys on your shelf all stuck in your mind?

Examine your heart…is that something you do?

So the things that you have don’t really have you.

Our hearts are a gift that we give to God;

Because above all things, He wants our love.

Are you willing right now to examine your heart,

And to take out the things that keep you apart.

If you listen close, you can hear God say,

“Leave room in your heart for me today.”

There’s a battle going on in case you don’t know;

It’s not over money or land or for gold.

Our commander is Jesus…He knows the way;

He’s been here before…He can help you today.

Our hearts are the treasure that we’re fighting for

Because who has your heart will win this war.

If you’re trusting Jesus, this battle you’ll win.

Don’t trust in your heart…it will deceive you my friend.

If it feels good just do it will lead you astray;

And the cross you once cherished will get in your way.

Sin’s fun for a season…we all will agree.

But the cross will bring joy for all eternity.

Timothy Wright – 7/31/2015     (C)


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