Come Quickly Lord!

I’m going up to Heaven’s gates. This world is not my home.

I’m trying to reach the Father’s heart…that’s where I’ll write my poem.

I’ll quiet myself at His feet…I’ll command my soul to rest.

I’m going to the throne of God…that’s where I write my best.

The closer that I get to Him, the more I come undone.

I must be near the heart of God…getting closer to the Son.

Only glory everywhere…His train fills this place.

One day I’ll get a glimpse of Him…for now I get a taste.

I know my feet are on the ground, but my spirit’s near the throne.

I can’t believe that one day soon this place will be our home!

Come quickly, Lord…this is our prayer…be with Your people again.

Fill the Heavens and fill the earth…destroy the powers of sin.

Because when your glory fills this land, sin will be no more.

Death will lose its victory…the grave will shut its door.

I’ve been to Zion to the Mount of Olives…where one day you will stand

And all the saints will be with you…come quickly, Lord again!

Then we will see You face to face and hear the trumpet sound

And be with You forever more…oh Lord, won’t you come down?

Timothy Wright
1/26/16     (C)

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