A martyr’s call



Lord, we can’t do this without You…it’s our desire to give our all.

But if we had to, would we do it? And could we die a martyr’s call?

Many brave have gone before us…make us strong like them, we pray.

The songs we sing…they are the chorus…still speak and move our hearts today.

Holy Spirit it’s You we turn to…our precious treasure from above.

Without Your help we would deny Him…take away our selfish love.

If You take away our comfort, give us faith as pure as gold.

And when the flames of life get hotter, make us stronger; make us bold.

Till the day we stand before You, keep our hearts, oh Lord, we pray.

To all the martyrs that went before us, you are the heroes of our day.

One glimpse of You…it will be worth it. Pain and suffering will be no more.

The seed You planted will finally open beyond the grave at Heaven’s shore.

So may we never Lord deny You…with our last breath we’ll see your face.

It’s not how we start that matters…it’s how we end that wins the race.


Timothy J. Wright



It was you that called us out; you cleaned us up along the way.

It was you who saw our debt; weighed it out and said, “I’ll pay”

And I know you love us more, more than the stars above; more than

our deepest love.And I know you love us More, than the tears we cry; more than we wonder why.

It was you that spoke the word…You told the winds and sea obey.

It was you that flung the stars…You named them all in just one day.

And it’s you we’ll put our trust, Lord…we will trust you and obey.

You are the everlasting God; you are the one who loves us more

And when we need a real friend, oh Lord you are the great I Am.


O7/2014 (c)



Every day should be a day God shows us something new.

Yes, every day something new…that’s not too hard for God to do.

He makes every snowflake…not two of them the same.

Warms them up, if He gets bored and turns them into rain.

He’s full of new ideas He wants to share with you and me.

He loves it when we’re overwhelmed with everything we see.

So if you think God is boring and that He’s just no fun;

Go take a walk on a starry night and see what He has done.

Heaven is just His handiwork, but we’re the apple of His eye.

Did you know He loves us more than all the stars in the sky?

God won’t force His love on you…that’s not what He would do.

He proved His love on Calvary…now the choice is up to you.

How can you go through life even though He’s everywhere;

Pretend that you don’t see Him and pretend He doesn’t care.

And what do you do with Jesus who gave His life for you?

Will you turn your head and walk away and say it isn’t true?

Because then every sunset will never be the same.

The Master painted it just for you….that would be a shame.

So this is my suggestion to what you should do…

Give Him the canvass of your life and let Him repaint you.

Timothy Wright – 4/8/2016     ( c )


When God closes a door, you need to walk on by.

That door is probably not for you…trust God, He knows why.

But if He opens up a door, no man could ever close.

It might not be the door you pick…trust Him because He knows.

When doors slam shut in life, it can sometimes set us free.

Because on our knees we will discover hidden manna we did not see.

If we chose our own path, He lets us have our way.

But life gets hard…we cry to Him, “Where is Your grace today?”

His grace is where it’s always been…his Love is ever true.

He’ll bring you back…you can start again, but He’ll have to carry you.

Life is full of choices…be careful how you choose.

The joy of the Lord is our strength…that we can’t afford to lose.

The longer that we walk with Him, the more we’ll choose His way,His rod and staff will lead us…like sheep, we tend to stray.

Looking back, who’s been more faithful and who’s been our closest friend?

From the first day that He chose us, until the very end.

It was Him that counted the cost, you see, with a love that was so true.

When He looked down, and said “that one there…I’m going to die for you.”

Timothy Wright      (c)



Lord, if I ever doubt your love for me,

remind me of how I used to be.

Take me back to when we first began,

and show me the person I was back then.

Year by year as I grow in your grace,

I sometimes forget the pains you erased.

Don’t let me complain about things I go through,

but look at the way you’re making me new.

Would you put a watchman before my mind

to remind me life’s trials are your design.

Don’t let me pretend that I love you so;

search my heart oh Lord…I want to know.

So I can worship you with a heart that is right

and truly say you are my delight.

Start a fire down in my soul.

Lord, hold me close…don’t let me go.

I want my life to count for you.

Help me to finish what you’ve called me to do.

I know the cross will be my friend.

This life I’m living one day will end.

Then all I could be will be gone for evermore.

Lord, help me today before I reach that shore.

Timothy Wright-8/2015      (c)


When I get to Heaven and when I’m finally home

I’ll be glad to see my loved ones…but I’m headed for the throne.

I know there’s lots of angels there and exciting things to see,

But when I arrive in Heaven, there’s one place I need to be.

This could sound a little selfish, but I want some time with Him;

He’s helped me through so many things and become my closest friend.

He found me when I was broken and had no hope inside.

He breathed in me the breath of life and my spirit came alive.

So you see why I must find Him…even if I have to wait.

I won’t be in a hurry there…if I’m beyond the pearly gate.

He might come out to greet me when I get near His throne.

I’ll run into His arms, I know…as He tells me “Welcome home.”

So many things to thank Him for…where will I begin?

I’ll probably forget every word when I take one look at Him!

Lord, it’s been a long journey, but now I’m finally home;

Could I just stay with You awhile…right here by your throne?

Now you know I’m only dreaming, but one day it will be true.

Do you have dreams of Heaven? I surely hope you do.

And do you know this Jesus…has He become your friend?

Because if you don’t, you need to know you might not be with Him.

Timothy J. Wright     (c)


Have You Been There?

I searched for a quiet place where my soul could find rest

But your still waters run deep…even this is a test.

Lord, how can I go when your way I can’t see?

When the waters get deep, all my fears will find me.

I won’t lead you in life where I will not go

When you pass through these waters you’ll see this is so.

In quietness and confidence I will make my way

I can hold to this anchor…it will be my stay.

I have been through the fire…it was years ago

You stood by me then…now those flames are but coal.

Faith will arise and these waters will still

I will trust in His leading…I will trust in His will.

The battle kept raging till I took a stand

Though the water was deep, my faith could see land.

This was a battle that brought me much gain

I discovered the power I had in His name.

The fears that I had…they would finally reside

When I went through those waters something happened inside.

The faith He imparted would conquer my fears

It was worth all my struggles…it was worth all my tears.

No one could buy this…even riches untold

This was more precious…more precious than gold.

Timothy J. Wright – 2/2/2016     (C)

Returning Home

Has your journey been long? Has it caused your heart to roam?

Are you lost and confused, and a long way from home?

It’s never too late, no matter where you’ve been.

The Father’s always waiting to bring you back to him.

We’ve all been down that road. Don’t think you’re all alone.

You need to make another turn and take the road back home.

The road that you are on, you will never find the end.

It goes around and turns around and brings you back again.

Take the road less traveled and it will lead you home.

You’ll know when you are on it…your heart will no more roam.

We’ll all be there to greet you when you make your final turn.

Just don’t look back and don’t turn back to lessons you have learned.

Life is full of choices…sometimes the bad ones we will do.

But our God is a great redeemer…He makes beauty from this too.

So if your journey has left you lost and burdened down with sin.

You could start your journey home that leads you back to him.

If you take one step, the Father will take two.

But the first step is the hard step…that step is up to you.

Timothy Wright
2/2015     (C)

Aslan’s On The Move

Aslan’s on the move…people are beginning to seek His face.

I hear of wars and rumors of wars…the world’s becoming a scary place!

This could be the last harvest…we won’t know when or how

But one thing is for sure…Aslan’s on the prowl.

He’s the Lion of Judah…He puts the nations in their place.

They are right where He predicted…the time is short if that’s the case.

If you’re not careful, you could miss Him as you go about your merry way

The signs are really all around us…this is a time to watch and pray.

When Aslan strikes, it will be deadly…He’s calling warriors to march with Him.

The last battle will be for us…He’s going to break the power of sin.

Only a remnant will He use…choose the side you will be on.

Because when the trumpet makes a sound, don’t look for us…we will be gone.

Then our Lord will appear with vengeance in His eye

He’s not the helpless Lamb of God…now He’s the ferocious El Shadi!

Every mountain will be leveled when the King is on His throne.

Only He is lifted up, for He is God and God alone.

Today’s the day to get ready…tomorrow belongs just to Him.

This could be your last chance before Aslan strikes again.

Timothy J. Wright
2/11/2016     (C)

The Greatest Story Never Told

Do you read your Bible? Do you know what it’s about?

Maybe it’s time you stopped and took some time to check it out.

Just imagine there’s a God who created all you see.

And that He is a God of love so He created you and me.

He wrote a book to tell his story so all creation could see his glory.

Then his children did something very hard to believe.

All the things that He created, they began to worship these.

And the Bible that He gave them that told of all his glory;

They refused to believe it and made up a different story.

His creation screams out, “I’m a very big God!”

But his children took trees and made their God out of these.

They began to worship the god of their hands

and soon forgot The God who made them.

They built houses and boats and played with their games;

and said to themselves, “Nothing has changed.”

Things that ever were and ever will be; they all stay the same…it’s just you & me.

So the greatest story of the God of old was hardly even ever told.

Yes, they forgot God and when death knocks on their door,

they’ll stand before the One they were created for.

Won’t they be surprised…they thought He was dead.

Would you please read your Bible to find out what God said.

Timothy Wright – 1/2015     (C)